“What do you mean, you don’t have chocolate chip cookies??”

These days my life is pretty much all around my mom and dad (please see “The Last Days of a Legacy: Part 1”). Mom is dying of metastatic breast cancer, and I am up there in Wolfeboro each day and stay overnight a few nights. While mom is doing remarkably well, her mobility is limited and she tires easily. She is basically either in bed or in one of her chairs; dining room, living room and den. We have wonderful Hospice care for her, and that is helping my dad and I greatly.

Now, while I am there with her, in addition to helping Dad, doing the occasional load of laundry, getting meals ready, etc., I also like getting Mom what she wants. These days, it’s all about the sweets. She expressed a desire for chocolate chip cookies the other day, and, being too lazy to make them myself, I made a run downtown to one of our local bakeries.

The one I would have thought would have been the epitome of cookie-age was a huge disappointment. I walked in the door, saw the trays of pastries, buns, croissants, and so on. I asked the girl behind the counter for a dozen chocolate chip cookies, and she looked at me as though I had lobsters crawling out of both ears.

“Um–chocolate chip cookies? Do you, like, mean the tube of cookie dough?”

I did a visible head shake.  Did I mean the tube of cookie dough? Seriously?!? Why on earth would I go to a bakery to ask for a tube of cookie ick when I could have gone to the grocery story and bought one? For that matter, why would I even BE in a bakery if I wanted a tube of cookie dough?

So, speaking slowly and enunciating clearly, I said, “No, I am looking for BAKED, READY TO BUY chocolate chip cookies. Do you have some for sale?”

The girl goggled at me again, and said, “no, we don’t have those,” as if I were absolutely crazy to think that a bakery would carry baked cookies, especially chocolate chip ones….is there some kind of chocolate chip cookie persecution going on these days that I should know about?

So I thanked her (for what?) and left. I drove to the local bookstore, *The Country Bookseller, which is not only a terrific bookstore, but a font of local information as well. I threw open the door like John Wayne storming into a saloon, and asked, “Where can I find really good chocolate chip cookies?” Both women in there looked at me and said as one: **’Butternuts’!”

I thanked them and tore over to Butternuts and grabbed up a dozen and a half of delicious fresh chocolate chip cookies and brought them home. The look on my mom’s face was well worth the running around.

But honestly, can you even believe a bakery that not only does NOT have (or, from the tone of the girl with whom I spoke, will probably NEVER have any) chocolate chip cookies? I mean, she looked as if I’d asked for a kidney.

…hey, I never thought of this before now, but maybe that bakery is a front for buying and selling kidneys! Who knew??

*The Country Bookseller is indeed a stellar bookstore, but also sells the most delicious deep dark coffee and some great pastries as well. If you are in Wolfeboro, please stop in and check out their books. You will be both amazed and very happy.

**Another great local store, selling not only great chocolate chip cookies, but fabulous bread (get there early before they run out), soups and salads and every kind of cooking utensil you can imagine.

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