There May Be a Blip in Service..

Hi everyone. As you may know, my mother is dying of metastatic breast cancer. Since June, she has steadily declined with mobility issues and bone pain. She is mainly in her bed, or in a chair, and while she is chipper, positive and extremely funny and has many visitors and phone calls, nature is taking its course.

I am up there at Mom and Dad’s house each afternoon, and stay until she is ready for bed. For now I am staying overnight two days per week, and may have to increase that. So if I miss posting each day, please forgive me. As I love this blog and love all of you, I hope that you will understand.

To anyone out there on this same journey–I am with you, and you are in my prayers. We walk together, and we will get through this together. Let’s enjoy the time we have.




3 thoughts on “There May Be a Blip in Service..

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I’ll be thinking of you! Your mother sounds like an amazing woman!

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thank you, Pam. She IS pretty amazing, and the time we spend is golden. Strangely enough, a lot of our time involves absolutely terrible jokes about death and dying, and if the cancer doesn’t get Mom first, the bad jokes surely will! 🙂

    As I help her in and out of bed, on and off the commode, and cut up her chicken for her, I can’t help but think back on all the times she did all this for me. It is a sweet time, and I treasure each day. My dad and I have become a team linked around my mom, and the love that fills us all is immeasurable and vast. All I can think of is how lucky I am.

    Thanks so much. I am such an admirer of your writing and also your kindness.

  3. Phyllis Ring says:

    Jane, you touch the very heart of all you do. Bless you. Keeping you close company in my own heart. xx

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