When the Universe Desperately Wants Your Attention

Did you ever notice that, when it’s time for us to move forward or move on and if we don’t initiate it ourselves, the Universe will step in and make the decision for us? If it can’t get our attention in any other way, we will either get sick, have an accident that slows us down, or a life event happens to a family member and they need our help, or we are forced to leave a comfortable situation because ultimately, it wasn’t good for us.

We cannot go forward unless we let go of the past; it’s a case of either having your cake or eating it–you can’t have both. When the Universe needs you to go on to a new phase in your life, you get hints along the way. Oh sure, you can ignore them all you like, but the hints will keep on coming, and in fact get stronger because you need to move forward. If you don’t initiate it yourself, an event will pop up to push you forward, ready or not.

As bad or shocked as you may feel at the time, you will know fairly quickly that you actually needed to move forward. And since you wouldn’t or couldn’t do it yourself, the good old Universe stepped up to help you. When it happens, you are upset–your previously familiar and comfy way of life has been turned upside down and you feel you have no solid footing any longer.

However, ask yourself these questions: have you been working so hard that you have ignored family and friends? Did you get so obsessed with what you were doing that you let important time slip away from you? Did you want to start something new but were afraid to do it? Again–the Universe knows you need a change and that you won’t do it on your own, so–BOOM! The change comes and you’ve got to roll with it.

We humans as a rule hate and fear change. It’s always uncomfortable, and it never seems to come at the “right” time, although when you look back on it, guess what? It actually was the right time. You may or may not believe this, but we are all here for a reason and a purpose. There is only one of us in this world, and we are necessary. You may be thinking, ‘what, little old me? How am I so necessary?’ Trust me, whatever role you came to Earth to play, it IS necessary, and YOU are the only one who can do it.

Remember the blind man that Christ restored to full sight? Many people have said, “oh, that poor man! Blind all his life, and for what? Just so that Christ could perform a miracle?”

But think of the blind man in this way: he played an important part in Christ’s teachings, and was a living example to everyone who observed this miracle. His part in Christ’s life and teachings is now part of the Bible, read by untold thousands of people. This man was chosen to play his part, and because he did, we all remember him, and therefore, remember Christ’s teachings.

The Universe really does want the best for us, even though sometimes we doubt it. Take for example Drew Lynch. He was a runner-up in the finals for America’s Got Talent this year. His story: he was playing softball, and a stray ball hit his throat, causing extensive nerve damage, and he has stuttered ever since. He admitted that he ‘used to be a real jerk,’ and this forced his life into an entirely new direction. It changed him from an arrogant self-involved guy to a sweet, appealing and genuinely funny person whose comedy is not only self-effacing, but hilarious. He has made that stutter work for him, and you never feel bad for him–you just want more comedy from him.

Imagine the set of circumstances that had to be in place to put Drew in this position, AND end up as the first runner-up in America’s Got Talent! This would never have happened if that softball missed him. Imagine that! Or, as I like to say, “no coincidences.”

So pay attention to those whispers (or shouts) from the Universe. It’s NOT kidding–it has your best interests at heart!



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