The Wheel of the Seasons

The wheel of seasons moves in its round

And we mere humans barely hear the sound

Of seasons passing us year by year–

Celebrations of light and love and all we hold dear.

All move from summer to fall to winter to spring,

Then back we go like birds on the wing.

Fall dresses the trees with colors bright,

Then lets all the leaves fall from their height–

Into piles of orange, red, yellow and brown

Scattered in beautiful tapestries on the ground.

The air is brisk, blue skies are sun-shot

With remnants of summer’s breath, still hot.

Then Winter brings its crystal days and icy chill

That makes us huddle up, bundle up and thrill

To lacy snowflakes and frigid winds that blow,

And roar and make our poor red noses glow.

It drives the hats right off our heads,

And all of the warm blankets from our beds!

Then Spring springs up wearing crocuses colored brightly

That pop through waning snow and graying ice unsightly–

Warm winds toss the icy chips on the pond away,

To make room for the tadpoles and turtles to play–

Warm winds tease the buds into fragrant flower

Knitting secret nests from lacy bower–

For the new bird fathers and mothers

To raise up all the little sisters and brothers.

Then comes hot Summer with its lazy days

Of sunshine pouring out its honey glaze

Over us all; the four-foots, the two-foots and all

Creatures both fierce, gentle, big and small.

Cicadas thrum in the silent still heat,

And keep strumming their tune in time with our feet

That walk slowly by, bronzed by the sun in the sky

And blissfully we stroll on, never questioning why

The seasons roll on by like a wheel,

Each one making us feel

That THIS is the fall, the winter, the spring,

The summer that will surely bring

Us all our wishes for happiness, joy and love,

All umbrella’d under the ever-changing blue sky above.


2 thoughts on “The Wheel of the Seasons

  1. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks, Pam! Good to hear from you. Enjoy the day!

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