Life Change – A New Opportunity

Isn’t it just the way things go; you have a routine you follow each day, you finally have things organized the way you want them, everyone in your life is doing well, and then BOOM! A life change happens, and all things change.

If you are anything like me, your first thought is ‘how annoying! This won’t work with my schedule at all!’ or ‘how am I going to fit this in when I’m so busy?’ or ‘why did this have to happen NOW?’

Think about it—nothing in nature stays the same. Mighty rivers have changed their courses because of one landslide. A volcano erupts, land shifts, sinkholes appear, floods happen, tornadoes can flatten whole towns in minutes. It just how things are.

Unsettling? Definitely. Upsetting? Of course. Life-changing? Yes. Like it or not, we are going to have those times when everything goes, as the Brits say; all pear-shaped. It’s up to us as to how we handle those changes. If we can look at them, upsetting as they may be, we may be able to see the lesson in it. At the time the change happens, we are not expecting it, and we certainly don’t like it that our lives have been shaken up.

But think of it this way: the way we work with these things speak of our mettle and our ability to move with the changes. We know we can’t just sit and moan 24/7 about them–eventually you have to mop up your face and start putting the pieces back together. Once the hubbub and furor dies down, we begin to see the life change for what it really is–a new direction.

Change is uncomfortable; no denying it. It’s just like standing between two doors–you want to grab the doorknob of the new door, but are afraid to take your other hand off the old doorknob. You KNEW the old door, you understood it, you were used to it, you even liked it. You feel you should go forward, but you’re a bit afraid to. So what do you do? Hang on to that old doorknob forever? Or do you take a deep breath, let go and then grab that new doorknob?

If you do, you can now open that new door–c’mon, you’ve been dying to know what’s behind it!


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