School, Not Home

Oh, how we love life on this earthly plane!

We’ve lived here for years, and it’s our main

Desire to stay here with all we know and love.

Even the stars that shine so brightly up above

Are part of where we now stand–

Whether alone or hand-in-hand

With the ones we love best

Or alone to fight and face the test

That comes to us all,

Both big and small–

We come to the time where we must travel back

To that place of our beginning, where we first learned the knack

Of life on Earth and the parents we chose–

The friends, the loved ones, the teachers, the foes–

All were ordained and were part of our plan

Before we came here and forgot it was our hand

That chose this life, this place, this body, this span

Of years, and those we came back to meet

To make up for past mistakes and chores to complete–

This Earth has been our school and our time to correct

Past mistakes, and learn to expect

The best from ourselves and others near us,

To let them know that they need not fear us

Along their journey as we walk together

With those with whom we’ve made a tether

Of life, and hope and dreams and love—

To share that angel-light from above

When at last we leave this Earth,

And come back to the place of our real birth–

We’ll know then that Earth was school, and not our home—

Where we tried to make our lives a poem;

An anthem of wrongs made right–

And walk away from futile fights–

And bridges and roads and turns not taken

This time around, and no mistaking

Where we went off the track.

We came to Earth to take back

What we destroyed in our ignorance.

We returned for another chance

To learn and make right what was wrong

That this is home; this is where we belong!

Where everyone we love; family, lovers, pets and friends–

Are together at last with love that never ends.






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