The Stars at Night

Oh, those stars at night

They sure shine bright–

They flirt and wink and shimmer and shine,

They lighten up and brighten up this heart of mine.

Against a twilight sky they peer out,

Wondering what we humans fear about

The night, the moon, the aurora borealis–

That waves to all, even the most callous.

They don’t all come out at once, though–

Look up and see one, look again and Orion’s bow

Blazes bright in his place in the sky!

I’ve looked and loved and said, ‘oh, my’

To sunrise, sunset and star-studded sky–

Each vista we see is different

And for that pleasure, we pay not a cent–

The night sky is busy

With so many stars I am dizzy–

The light show of stars goes on all night

Til morning chases them home and turns on the light

Of sun that warms and wakes us to the brand new day

With all its wonders and joys as the stars tuck away

Their light and mystery for this day’s coming night

Where they will twinkle and shine to all our hearts’ delight!





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