C.A.T. = Curious. Aloof. Tricky.

I called the cat, and he did not come.

He’s sound asleep somewhere, the lazy bum–

I clink his food bowl with my ring

To alert him that it’s dinner time, the silly thing–

But does he come running like a dog?

No, he’s snoozing on the bed, and snoring like a hog.

He can’t tell time, so he doesn’t think it out of place

To wake me up with his butt in my face–

I’ll admit it’s a bit of an intrusion

To see his hindquarters in such profusion–

But I will admit, it gets me up right quick

Even though my brain is still too thick

To realize that he’s done it yet again–

He’s made me fix his breakfast before dawn’s diadem

Has risen to full sunlight, but does he care?

He does not, as long as his own good fortune fares

Well enough to get him back on my bed

Full tummy upturned, happy, sleepy and well-fed–

Cat means Curious, Aloof and Tricky,

But most of all, he’s impolitic-y.




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