Are Personal Drones the *Muggle Version of the Harry Potter Owls?

If you are a big Harry Potter fan as I am, you are familiar with the “owl post” used by all witches and wizards. They are used to carry letters and packages, and often the sky is filled with them. They are handy as can be; they even deliver the morning papers, “Witch Weekly” and “The Daily Prophet.”

Now, put this kind of handiness in the muggle world and think of some of the purposes of drones (non-military, of course) for delivering packages and letters….sounds a lot like the owl post, doesn’t it? While I’d much rather have things delivered by owl, you have to admit that there is a similarity in purpose.

Consider this as well: There are other ways that witches and wizards communicate to each other (other than speaking face-to-face, of course). The Deatheaters used to be summoned by Lord Voldemort when he pressed his wand against the Dark Mark (skull and snake tattoo) on any Deatheater’s arm. Isn’t this a lot like texting someone?

Hermione used this same technique in “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix” when they secretly developed **Dumbledore’s Army. They practiced advanced magical defense charms in the Room of Requirement and met whenever they could. Hermione put a charm on several ***galleons so that all members could be alerted to the time of the next meeting. The time would show up on the edge of the coins once she tapped her wand on her own coin. Again, quite a lot like texting.

Magic was used in practical things, too. Mrs. Weasley (mother of Ron, Harry’s best friend), having so many children, used magic to great domestic use. Using her wand, she could set a pot of stew on the stove and magic it into stirring the contents itself. Doesn’t that sound a lot like those self-stirring pots (and stoves, too) we have now?

There were actually some “icons” in the Harry Potter books as well. Fred and George, older twin brothers to Harry’s best friend, Ron, used to regularly sneak into the Hogwarts kitchen to get extra food. There were no doors to the kitchen, but with a little sleuthing, they discovered how to gain access. On the lower level of Hogwarts, there was a large painting of a bowl of fruit. All they had to do was to tickle the pear in the painting until it giggled, and a door to the kitchen magically opened. Doesn’t that sound a lot like clicking an icon on the computer?

Personally, I think that magic is much more fun than technology, anyway. However, if I ever have my own drone, I think I’ll name it ****Hedwig.

*Muggle: a non-magical person, not a witch or a wizard.

**Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster at Hogwarts.

***A galleon is the highest denomination of wizard coins and is made of gold.

****Hedwig was the name of Harry’s owl. (Seriously, people–read the Harry Potter series!)


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