The Flamingo Enclosure

The Crankee Yankee has a wide streak of whimsey which manifests itself in our front yard raised bed gardens. He’s a pretty practical guy, but he does wax whimsical now and then, and has chosen our gardens as the “county seat” of his whimsicality.

Each bed has a beautiful wooden rail around each side, and in between the beds are stone walkways. Then he added polar lights at every corner of each bed. Very pretty, especially at night. In the one bed stands our faithful old garden gnome, Uncle Winkelbaum. Two beds over is a black and white resin cat, named “KitKat,” who presides over the cucumbers and zucchinis.

And then there are the four pink plastic flamingos, Lucy and Ricky, and Fred and Ethel. The Crankee Yankee built a wire pea fence (if you’ve never grown peas, they climb straight up, so you’d better be prepared with something for them to climb up on) on three sides, then put a half-size wire fence at the opening. Then he moved Lucy and Ricky and Fred and Ethel into the middle of the fence, making it look like we now have a flamingo reserve. It was actually just a one-off; that is, just for an overnight double-take for people passing by. I’m guessing our neighbors either get a kick out of us or are ready to call the funny farm any day now.

Now that we had had our fun, we planted all the pea seeds in the ground (sugar snaps mainly), and the Crankee Yankee put the half-fence up so that the “pea plot” is now fenced in. I’m sure that any gardener reading this will be saying, “Idiots! You can’t plant peas this late; you should have planted them in JUNE!”

Well, you gardeners are probably right. But we, being the eternal hopefuls and rank garden rookies that we are, will take that chance and see what happens. I had suggested to the Crankee Yankee that we plant the peas in a big spiral. When he asked me why, I told him that I wanted to do it “for the good of the planet.” He scratched his head and asked how planting peas in a big spiral could possibly do our planet any good.

I replied (wait for it): “Because then we would have WHIRLED PEAS (world peace)!”

Peas on earth, folks!



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