Stuff I No Longer Worry About….

I have to say that, the older I get, the easier life gets–well, in some ways. For instance, there are so many things I just don’t need to worry about or even think about. Example: I no longer work five days a week; it’s part-time for me, and I love it.

Some other things that are off my radar are these:

  • High heels: I know that they used to make my legs look fabulous, but comfort has become my constant watch word. The highest heels I wear these days are about 1″.
  • Panty hose: Honestly, I can’t remember the last decade I wore panty hose. They were kind of a package deal along with the high heels.
  • Lip liner: Nope. I used to have a whole suite of lipsticks with matching lip liner–now I make do with Burts Bees colored chapstick. At my age, my lips don’t need any further definition.
  • Shaving: Say what you will about menopause, but it’s the greatest depilatory there is. All of a sudden, I had no more leg hair, arm pit hair, or upper lip hair. Oh, and my eyebrows….but for that I can use my trusty eyebrow pencil. (Oddly enough though, I still have toe knuckle hair. Go figure.)
  • Long eyelashes: I can’t believe now that I used to wear false eyelashes. It made sense at the time, and they actually looked pretty good. But now? At this age, less is definitely more.

The vanity I had when I was young and pretty has morphed into a more doable, more sensible reality. As always, I keep up a good skincare routine, and change up products as my skin changes. I also find I need a lot less makeup; a win-win for me. I look good and spend less.

It is a great mistake to try to hold on the looks we had when we were younger. I find that looks, when cared for and not amplified to a ridiculous extent (botox, plastic surgery, etc.), will take us nicely from middle age to older age.

Not long ago, I was shopping at our local grocery store, and happened to see an older employee there. I had to do a double-take; she had to have been in her middle-to-late 70s, but there she was, wearing long blonde curls, bright blue eye makeup, too much mascara and rouge, and vivid red lipstick that was rapidly bleeding into her lip lines. It was sad. I’m sure that that look was great when she was in her 20s or even 30s, but she hadn’t changed with the times and her age, so she just looked clownish and old.

I wished I could have taken her home and given her a makeover, but how can you offer that to a total stranger? Besides, maybe she thinks that she looks good that way. Who am I to judge?

So these days, I take good care of my skin, choose flattering clothes and low heels. My only real vanity is the skill I’ve had to develop to sketch on pretty good eyebrows to supplement the seven or eight real eyebrow hairs I still have. Oh, no, wait; there is one more vain thing I haven’t given up: my love of wearing jewelry and lots of it. I love a big dramatic “look at me!” piece of jewelry, and I’m comfortable with how it looks. It’s also a good conversation starter.

So these days I celebrate the “less is more” (except for jewelry, that is) look, and I don’t miss those damned pantyhose one bit.

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