Technology and Me

This new technology and me–

We don’t and won’t and can’t agree

That it’s any better than making a call

On a phone that’s just a phone after all–

Or sending a note written by hand with real ink,

Instead of a hurried text that reads in a single blink.

Do we have to be connected every night, every day?

Does life really have to be that way?

I’m sick of selfies, social media and Twitter,

About which everyone seems to titter

About this and that and things that don’t matter–

It’s all gone as fast as chocolate cake batter.

I long for things that keep my senses wide open

And for all those things for which I’m hopin’,

Like the welcome voice of a friend on the phone,

Or a song in my head that won’t leave me alone

Until I’ve sung it out loud for anyone to hear–

I’d sooner that than a device in my ear

That sings for me, not to me–

That just wouldn’t be me!

That’s not the way I want life to flow

With gadgets and gizmos and do-dads that go

“Beep” and “boop” and “bing” and “bong”–

Sorry, for me, that’s gone on too long–

So I think I’ll ignore them, all those neat-o devices,

And just stick to my books, my pen and all of my vices

That keep me amused and out of trouble,

And far, far way from this big technology bubble!








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