The Pond in Summer

Before the heat of the day

Drives me away,

I walk around the pond I love.

Birds of all types fly above

Me as I walk,

And the deep chuga-RUM of frog talk

Keeps me company along the way–

And the turtles duck back in the water to stay

Until I pass by.

(They can be very shy.)

There are  tiny diamond cabuchons of dew on the leaves,

And row upon row of celadon grass sheaves

That shade the water near the reeds

Where the teal-headed ducks and their ladies feed–

Lacy parasols of Queen Anne’s lace

Wave above the pink rambler roses in place

Beside the riots of buttercups and clover.

Nesting mothers murmur and coo to their clutch of chicks; moreover,

They will become fierce if I come too near

Their hidden nests, and I fear

I may scare them off with my footfalls

Around all the hidden locales

Where their babies are tucked away

In soft beds of down and grassy hay.

This pond is a welcome home to creatures large and small–

Who love the quiet range from spring to fall,

And a sweet space in time for me to walk among them

To hear the sounds of morning, day, then night’s amen.






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