The Minion Button and Other Tomfoolery

If you have seen the movie Despicable Me (1 and or 2), you will know about the strange-speaking little yellow creatures wearing miniature overalls and safety glasses called minions. I have seen both movies and have laughed my head off–mainly because of the minions. Like the old Alvin and the Chipmunks, the voices are sped up so that they sound hilarious. I’ve gotten so that no matter how bad a day I am having, just hearing minion voices crack me up.

Knowing my weakness, a few weeks ago the Crankee Yankee kindly brought home two toy minions, Bob and Stuart, which I am looking at right now because they sit on my speakers. But the other day he also brought home a big button that when pushed, squeals out any number of funny phrases and sounds from–you guessed it–the minions. Once I could stop laughing, I told him that this was almost as good as receiving jewelry AND it made me laugh.

Now we are just waiting for the next 800 call to come so that we can answer it with the minion button. Political surveys, robo calls, pollsters, telemarketers, police and fireman asking for donations–we plan to be equal opportunity jerks. I won’t lie–I am dying for that *phone to ring!

Now, the minion button is only ONE of things I find hilarious. Others are:

  • Eddie Izzard, British comic supreme
  • The Muppets (most especially the Swedish Chef)
  • Whoopee cushions (classic!)
  • The Fried Chicken Skin song, by Tom Faulkner
  • Monty Python
  • Fake puke
  • “Ah-OOOO-gah” horns
  • Anyone (but me, of course) getting a pie in the face or slipping on a banana peel
  • Bright pink plastic flamingos (we have four of them in our garden; Lucy and Ricky, and Fred and Ethel)
  • Nathan Lane – I swear, that man could read the phone book out loud and be funny
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Funny car races
  • Penguins
  • The “what if cats developed thumbs?” commercial

I say that, no matter how old you are, funny is funny, and it’s good for you.

And seriously, you just cannot be in a bad mood if you have a minion button.

*UPDATE: Since I began writing this post, we have had three 800 calls to come in. The Crankee Yankee has answered them all–with the minion button. I wish I could see the reaction on the other end!


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