A Surprise: Part 9 – “Jane Says NO”

The other day I went to see my oncologist to see what happens next in this adventure I call “Jane deals with cancer.” My surgeon had told me that I may need radiation and Tamoxifan as a preventive to more cancer. Even with my Stage Zero type (ductal carcinoma in situ), there is always the possibility of the same thing (or worse) happening in the other breast or in the same one in another spot.

So after some research, talk with family and friends, and my own heartfelt convictions, I decided that that I did not want radiation–truly, I don’t believe I need it. If you have ever performed kinesiology (better known as muscle testing) on yourself, you will know that your body will not lie to you. I tested myself several times for both radiation and Tamoxifan (actually my oncologist prescribed another generic version of it, called Letrozole), and got a resounding “NO” each time. Well, folks, that’s good enough for me.

And get this: for those of us without health insurance, this Letrozole costs $224.75 per month! Look, I get it that doctors must prescribe what they feel is the most effective way to treat a disease, ostensibly for the best possible outcome for the patient. That’s their job. That said, I also believe that they are also doing this so that, should the patient refuse the treatment and die because of their refusal, the doctors would not be held accountable.

I am sure that when my oncologist hears about this latest, he may do one of three things: 1) strongly suggest I take the drug, or 2) agree with me and let me wait until I have Medicare next year and can afford it, or 3) pay for the drug himself (huh–as if!!).

So, after saying “no” to both radiation and drugs, I am taking charge of this disease myself. With the occasional walk on the wild side and enjoying naughty things like fried oysters and a shot of tequila, I eat a *diet heavy in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lots of water and lean protein. I do moderate exercise (walking and/or floor exercises) each week, and say positive **affirmations each day. I also practice Reiki and some ***Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises on myself day and night. If I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, I say to myself, “I am going to enjoy a great night’s sleep tonight. If I need to get up in the night, I will go right back to sleep.” In other words, I am setting myself up for the things I want.

I believe with all my heart that we can help cure ourselves, partly by doing the things I have been doing as well as working with a combination of both naturopath and doctor. I also believe that we need to do our own research, and not let fear cloud our judgement. Please know that in the case of a deadly disease you may not have a choice but to follow doctors’ orders, but yet there are ways to augment traditional medicine.

We do have to be our own advocates, and often that isn’t easy. In the past, I have had doctors literally bully me into medicines and procedures I later found I did not need. As with many things in life, we need to be prepared, not scared!

Stay tuned….

*To find out more about dealing with cancer by healthy living, I highly recommend these books: “The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, “Perfect Health,” by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and “Whole,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD with Howard Jacobson, PhD.

**Here’s mine: “I am completely healthy and cancer-free.”

***See http://balanceflow.com/BAjinshinjyutsu/ for more information.


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