The Latest Disease: Inattention Deficit Disorder (or IDD)

We’ve all heard of ADD and ADHD and OCD, and so on. But I think that we are now seeing the emergence of a completely new disorder: Inattention Deficit Disorder, or IDD.

What is it? It’s a disease brought on by our current addiction to high-tech gizmos and gadgets. I have seen people walk right into another person while texting on their phone; they are too wrapped up in what they’re doing to notice an actual human being in their way. I see people routinely cross the street without so much as a glance in either direction. I think that they feel it’s the drivers’ job to watch out for them–clearly another victim of IDD.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen people in parking lots drive right through the aisles without looking, narrowly missing a car or a person they didn’t bother to see. I’ve also had near-death experiences when driving by a side street–the people in the car on that street look at me blankly, then pull right ahead toward me! It takes some fancy footwork on my part to keep from being t-boned. Then there are kids on bikes and skateboards who ride in the middle of the road. Have their parents never taught them how to watch for traffic, look both ways, signal on their bikes when making a turn? What’s up with that? And, pray tell, when did we stop looking in the rear-view mirror before backing up? I realize that some cars come with rear-view cameras, but seriously, folks–how hard it to merely turn one’s head?

Not long ago, my hair nearly turned pure white when I witnessed the following in an apartment complex (where parking is dicey anyway). A man in a big truck came driving in and what turned out to be his little boy ran right up to the grill of the truck to say hi! And the man? He thought that was all kinds of cute and laughed his head off. What’s the lesson here, folks? Are we really going to make believe that this isn’t the farthest thing from safe behavior? Again–who is teaching these kids simple safety?

Too often, people are so wrapped up in their oh-so-important texting, chatting, tweeting, facebooking and so on that they don’t seem to be aware of actual people around them. And if they do, they make a face as if it’s the biggest inconvenience in the world. Are we that far gone with our devices that we have already forgotten about other humans and how to connect with them?

And I could go on and on about the near-misses I’ve had in traffic by people who are simply not paying attention. I’ve seen some pretty dumb and dangerous stunts on the road; I have an hour and a half commute one-way through three major highways, so I have to keep on my toes. I’ve had someone shoot over from the fast lane and cut through all lanes to tear down an exit they obviously saw too late, thereby endangering several people in the process. Good grief, if you miss an exit, simply go on to the next one and turn around. Sheesh, how hard is that?

I guess it’s just me, but it seems like there’s a whole lot more stupid out there than there used to be. Ooops, sorry–I just made a very un-PC comment. What I should have said was ‘Oh, poor dear, he/she is just another victim of IDD!’

Hmmmm—perhaps there’s an app for that….


One thought on “The Latest Disease: Inattention Deficit Disorder (or IDD)

  1. diane kirkup says:

    It’s not just you Jane! … It takes focus and being centered more
    than ever to function in our world. I sadly find that I am not
    being heard and simple requests not being complied with. It takes energy to deal with stress. For me the only answer seems to be slowing down – pretty soon it will take all day to get out of bed and eat breakfast and in the blink of an eye it will be bedtime – there won’t be
    any travel time so that will keep me off the streets … I wonder what the letters are for that mmmm

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