Cats in the Morning

Our cats, they are a-stirrin’

Walking on our bodies and a-purrin’–

They make it clear they want their breakfast,

(And clearer still that they want it FAST)

And they aren’t shy about asking

Us both to get up and start tasking

In the kitchen to feed them,

Way before we need them

To jump up and wake us,

And make such a fracas

That even if we went back to bed,

They’d probably jump up on both our heads–

Which means that they’ve totally trained us

To do all their bidding,

(Seriously–I’m not kidding!)

We wake up saying, “ok, OK–it’s coming!”

While all three of them sit there, humming–

Knowing that we will fill up their bowls

Way before we have our coffee and rolls–

And even then, one or two will jump up and beg us

For anything on our plates that show the vaguest

Crumbs of things that they too might want to eat

Nevermind that they’ve already had their food and their treats–

Alas, we two are merely their staff

For this little band of riff-raff–

When the cats outnumber us

Then I guess it’s just the two of us

Against the three little mob bosses.

Guess we’d better cut our losses

And think of who is REALLY in charge–

Two cats who are small, and one who is large.







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