Do Small Things With Great Love

I just read the following article, “Do Small Things With Great Love,” in the Kindness Blog, posted June 23 by *Ron Clinton Smith. It is an encouragement not only to do good where possible, but to remember that anything given in love is more precious than gold.

For me, reading this article came at the exact right time, and I hope that it resonates with you, too.

“Are we frustrated by all we cannot do to help the world? There are so many needs, pains and tragedies, so much suffering, and we’re willing, yearning to go at them with eager hearts, but feel we’re coming up short.

“There are so many of us, and if each of us made a small effort toward salvation, what couldn’t we accomplish for the human race in one day?

“The misguided souls of the universe need our help. We are the ones who must do it. Ignorance, wars, the suicidal madness of terrorism, insatiable greed, not just for material things, but to rule the world with ideas, religions, government policies, militant actions, stalk and haunt and threaten us all. Nothing good or permanent will ever come from these things.

“It is only with day to day humble acts of love that we are redeemed.

“We’re idiots to go the other way, to follow the thread of fear that leads to aggrandizement of power at any cost. It’s human nature to want more, to have more, but what is more when humanity itself loses itself? There is a balance that must be tempered with love, or the whole thing will fall on its head and crack open like an egg.

“We must do small things with great love.

“That is the answer. And small things, done every day, done well and enough, pile up and become bigger ones. They are contagious. They are within reach of every one of us. When we see the good deeds, the time taken by good people to help others in need, the homeless, the hungry, people suffering in other countries where disasters have occurred, such as Haiti, and more recently Nepal, our effectiveness increases by the contagion of wanting to lift up others, and it lifts us up.

“It isn’t grand gestures that save the world, though we need those too. It is the small things, the unseen words and touches and acts. We can do this at home, in our neighborhood, on the street, in a parking lot, anywhere we are. We carry great power in our smile, in our willing hearts, helping a child or the elderly, the most vulnerable among us. Any small aid given to anyone, any small encouragement, any kindness, creates ripples across the universe.

“We carry the fate of the world in our souls with simple acts of great love.”

*Ron Clinton Smith is a film actor, recently seen in True Detective, a writer of stories, songs, poetry, screenplays, and the novel Creature Storms.

One thought on “Do Small Things With Great Love

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Indeed words of truth. We can all make a difference by those small acts of love, kindness, compassion and generosity. It is a way of living.

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