The “Was Feelin’ Bad, Now I’m Feelin’ Good” Blues

(The following to be sung in true blues fashion, with the beat as ‘buh-BUH, buh-BUH (beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat), buh-BUH, buh-BUH,’ and repeat til the end of the song)

Woke up yesterday mornin,’ I was feelin’ blue,

I felt so bad, I had nothin’ to do.

I wasted the day, got nothing done

Couldn’t work, couldn’t think, couldn’t even have fun–

I sighed so deep inside,

Where I felt sadness reside

Deep down in my soul,

That felt like an empty bowl—

So I dragged my sorry self off to bed

And before I sulked myself to sleep I said,

“Tomorrow this will be no more!

Enough with this mood; it’s become a bore–

I’m going to get up the next day,

Sweep my troubles away,

Gonna drop these blues right on their butt

And tell all those troubles to keep their mouths shut!

Enough with this whining and moaning–

To Happyville I’m going,

Gonna kick off those blues

Right out of their shoes!”

What will be, will be–

That’s going to be happy, happy me!








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