A Surprise – Part 5, and Surgery Over

Hi again. To everyone who kindly sent me prayers, positive energy and good wishes during my lumpectomy yesterday, THANK YOU with all my heart! It helped so much. I am ok, and the surgeon got everything plus a few lymph nodes to check. Of course, she will go over the pathology with me later on, but things look good.

Of course, now that I have a neat little ‘divot’ in my right breast plus an incision in my armpit, I will be wearing what I call my “flooby booby” bra (no wires, etc.) for a while. I figure that, once I’m healed, I’ll have to pad out that small area when wearing a regular bra. But I used to stuff my bra on prom night in high school, so I still remember the technique. 🙂

This whole experience was a humbling wake-up call for me. I was always quick to offer help, do errands, food shop, provide meals, etc. for others, but always declined help for me. I guess I felt I didn’t need it, that others needed it more, and so on. How foolish. We ALL need help from time to time, and kindness offered is a priceless gift. I know how wonderful it feels to help someone and they accept that help. So why on earth did I deny my ‘givers’ that opportunity?

I am so grateful for all positive thoughts, prayers and good wishes sent to me, the Crankee Yankee (who was a rock but still a hot mess yesterday!), and my parents and friends. As I was lying on the table just before surgery, even the staff in there felt like friends. But most of all I felt what I describe as a deep, soft, warm blanket of love and comfort all around me. Perhaps I should have been worried or scared, but I wasn’t. All that love surrounded me and even before anesthesia, I felt absolutely euphoric, knowing I had that “blanket” wrapped around me.

Believe it–prayer, positive energy, good wishes and thoughts DO have power. There are currents and forces in the universe that defy any logic we humans can imagine. Where intentions go, energy follows, both for good and bad. Energy has real power, and believe me–I felt it keenly.

From now on, when someone offers me help, I will be honored and glad to accept it. You can save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by learning from my mistake and false pride. Take gladly and happily what is offered–it is a gift to both giver and receiver.




2 thoughts on “A Surprise – Part 5, and Surgery Over

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    So wonderful to see this – and such a blessing to read its wisdom. Sending you heaps of loving power. xxx

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thank you, Phyllis!! I certainly felt that loving power. 🙂

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