Thank You, Mom!

Happy Mothers’ Day, my mother, my friend, my source of life and my beginning! With every breath, every second, every day, I love and appreciate you more. We are both women now, although we started out as girls; you had me when you were just nineteen.

At that time, you had lost your own mother at age 14, you had lived with your brother after that, then met and married my father. At your young age, you knew how to run a house, cook, bake, hold down a job and bring up a baby.

In old pictures I have seen you as a child, a young girl, a teenager, a young wife and working woman. Strong, proud, beautiful and with a pointed sense of humor, you were and are my model for life.

Some days I wonder where all that time has gone; I still see you in my mind, young, vibrant, strong; through all the stages of my life. You are my hero, my North star, my fixed point in time, my anchor to past and present.

When I recently found out I had breast cancer, I was able to learn yet again from you, who went through it first. Knowing you have survived and thrived gives me hope.

You have given me a lifetime and more of love, caring, strength, joy, laughter and that unbreakable tie that binds daughters to mothers. It is a silvery cord; light as a feather, yet stronger and tougher than steel.

You loved me enough to teach me right from wrong, to give me constants I could count on, life lessons and true roots and true wings.

I still cry when I remember times I was hurtful to you; I would give anything to take those times back as if they had never happened.

I still laugh when I remember things you have said and done over many, many years; how funny and amazing you were and are.

And now that we are, as always, 20 years apart; me 63 and you 83, I know we have more history than time. For all you have given me and still give me, I will always want more.

When I see you in pain from age’s mean-spiritedness–giving you undeserved aches and pains–it hurts my heart. How well I remember your beautiful dancing feet, your grace, your ease of movement. How unfair it is that you have to suffer pain and discomfort at this time of your life. I would gladly take all those on for you if I could.

I treasure time with you, talking with you over the phone and laughing over things that only we could find funny. I so admire all you have done and all you do–your great creativity, generous heart, and spunky attitude.

It is said that we choose our parents before birth. I know I chose well. Thank you with all my heart, Mom.




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