Ode to Jewelry

Oh, I do so love jewelry

Even more than I love tomfoolery.

It sparkles and glitters and shines–

And I wish that all of it could be mine!

Not one to be shy,

I often wonder why

More people don’t glam themselves up as I do–

Because it’s fun to be froo-froo,

It doesn’t matter what I wear

Just so long as there’s lots of jewelry there;

In my ears, round my neck, my wrists and my fingers–

I’m aware of all the eyes that linger

On sparkly, glittery, shiny old me–

I’m done up just as pretty as a Christmas tree!

I’ll bet that even Queen Elizabeth sneaks down

In her ruffled and feathered satin dressing gown,

To rummage through all her country’s fabulous swag–

And put on crown after crown, ring after ring, and have bag after bag

Of fabulous gems spill out ’round her feet,

‘Til all of her corgis beg her away for a treat.

Jewelry lifts me up on a bad day

Comforts me with its twinkles as I lay

In bed with a cold or a cough or a sniffle–

I can smile, all bejeweled, and just say ‘piffle!’

‘Silly!’ you may say, and you might be right–

But I’m just not me without my jewels all alight

That turn me from regular plain and mundane Jane,

To glitzy and fabulous and glittery Jane–

If I cannot be 20 again, with my youth as my jewels

Then I’ll be 60 plus, be-gemmed and suffer no fools–

To those who may say that I’m over the top,

May I invite you all to take a great flop–

‘Cause there’s no one else I’d rather be

Than twinkling, sparkling, glimmering ME!







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