Spring in Motion

The brilliant yellow forsythia

Seems to scream “Am I bright enough for ya?”

Kitten-face pansies all look up

To drink the sunlight as from a cup–

Tiny blue bells litter lawns newly green

And daffodils sway along with the fuzzy sheen

Of  trees dotted in green and pinkish bud.

Turtles and frogs emerge from the mud,

And ducks and swans and geese all flock

To the pond to nibble the juicy weeds and talk

Of families they plan to have and nests to make–

Long-legged blue herons stalk and rake

Through the shallows and dry reeds

And catch the fish on which they feed–

Red-winged blackbirds swoop and fly above,

Searching out nest sites for their lady-loves–

And everywhere is the sound of waking life

Bursting through the long cold winter’s strife.

It’s Spring again and fair skies bring

The sunshine, soft rain, sweet nights and breezes

That waft perfume from the new flowers, and teases

All the senses that have been struck dumb

And crushed beneath Winter’s heavy, cold thumb–

All are awake again, and joyful song and sound

Fly on the wind and on the ground,

Until the air is filled with Spring’s eternal, abiding song–

“Life is short, and we haven’t long

To make more flowers, birds and beasts

And enjoy spring’s and summer’s joyful feast!

Remember that fall and winter come too fast

Let’s make the most of life before it’s past–

Be happy, be fruitful, be loving, be strong,

And enjoy each warm and lovely day before it’s gone.”






2 thoughts on “Spring in Motion

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    Oh, my gracious God, dear Jane – a beam of beauty that reminds my heart to open wider and wider. ((hug))

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thank you for your kindness, Phyllis–it made my day! Working on keeping the heart wide open. 🙂

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