Don’t Let Your Pride Trip You Up

Pride’s a funny thing, you know–

And I’m the one who can tell you so.

I’ve let my pride make a fool of me,

And if you know me, you will see

That I am indeed a fool of sorts

And often a snarky author of rude retorts–

But I, like you, let my defenses down

And instead of weeping, acted the clown

But hearts are soft and easily bruised,

We all know this; it’s not new news–

So pride will indeed go before a fall,

When we didn’t even mean to, at all.

Let’s think beyond our own fear and pride,

And put our own old hurts aside.

Life is short but pain is long,

Worry not about who’s right or wrong,

But comfort where we can, and fast–

Lest we let too much time go past

Before we mend our ways and fences

And shed all our tired old pretenses.

Pride is just a little, mean thing

That often doesn’t mean anything

Important, true or real–

So let’s stop–and think and feel.

Let’s give each other a well-earned break

And put our hands out, smile and shake.

Life’s too short, we know it’s true–

Let’s not miss a moment of it feeling blue.

Life’s to live, not fuss and pout

So let’s all laugh, forgive; hugs all about!


One thought on “Don’t Let Your Pride Trip You Up

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Wonderful sharing, thank you Jane.

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