What Would You Do in 24 Hours?

Years ago, I read something that stuck with me–someone asked this question: “what would you do if you knew you only had 24 hours to live?”

I gave this a lot of thought and decided to conduct my own survey. Here’s what I found:

People I asked said things like this:

“I’d eat every single thing I’ve denied myself for years.”

“I’d take a flight to Las Vegas and gamble away every cent I have!

“I’d take a balloon ride–I’ve always wanted to!”

“I’d kiss that guy at work who keeps flirting with me!”

“I’d rent a Harley and ride all day.”

“I would dye my hair red–I never had the nerve to do it before!”

Some people were practical:

“I clean my house top to bottom!”

“I would get all my papers and affairs in order.”

“I’d finally throw out all my past tax returns.”

“I would pay all my bills.”

“I’d wash all my windows.” (That one surprised me)

Then the wistful ones said:

“I would jump up and down in mud puddles with my kids and not worry about laundry for once.”

“I would write love letters to everyone I care about.”

“I would give all my money to the animal shelter.”

“I would wear that embroidered silk shawl I was saving for ‘best.'”

“I would host a dinner for every person in my life who wanted to come. I’d cook every dish that everyone liked, and I would enjoy the sound of laughter and talk and togetherness one more time.”

“I’d call everyone in my life and tell them how much I love them.”

“I would apologize to my neighbors for being so stand-offish all the time.”

And me?

I would make amends to everyone I hurt or offended. I would call or meet with my loved ones and hug them. I’d give away all my treasures to anyone who wanted them. I would hug and kiss my cats until they got impatient with me and wriggled out of my arms. I would tell everyone that I’m not afraid and that I will see them again. And at the end of that day, I would want all my loved ones to pile up in bed with me and keep me company as I drift off.

So–how would you spend your last day?

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