Snow on April 8??

Yup, I said it–we in New Hampshire in my little town just got more snow last night and the temps have dropped. Mind you, the ground was nearly bare, there are even early buds on some of the trees, and our big rhododendron had already plumped out its leaves. Our thermometer read as high as 58 just the other day. And now–snow. Again! Which prompted this poem:

Snow again, and this in Spring?

That’s no way to treat anything!

We’re already had more snow than Alaska

(I’ll call my cousin Joan in Fairbanks and ask her!)

We were just going to plan the garden

And now this cold has already hardened

The plots we planned to dig this weekend,

But no–you had to come back, you pig’s rear end!

You rotten snow, just move on out,

We’ve had quite enough of your blustery bout

Of cold and slush and wind and ice

Nothing at all about you is nice!

Just pack up your cold and wind and go–

On a nice vacation where the ice and snow

Stays year round and never melts

But sits and freezes on everyone’s pelts.

They don’t mind you, oh my, no!

But we sure do, so pack and GO!

It’s time for Spring with all its showers

Of daffodils and tulips and crocus bowers–

Time for the spring birds to sing

And feel the sun on every wing!

Your time of cold is running out,

So quit your storm and fuss and pout

Give gentle Spring and Summer their due

Before some weatherly witch puts a spell on you!





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