A House is Where You Keep Your Stuff

The house is where you keep your stuff;

Family, pets, beds and marshmallow fluff–

Sheets and blankets and trivets and spoons

And all the things that live in all the rooms.

Then there’s towels and soap and dishes and lotion

And all the things that keep us in motion–

Our shoes, and socks, and sneakers, and skiis,

Our tennis rackets and books and clocks and keys–

Not to mention all the food in the cellar,

The cans of sauce and beans and Grandma’s jam (quite stellar!).

Oh, the pet food and litter boxes and leashes and toys,

The winter coats and boots and hats for girls and boys!

The wheelbarrow missing one grip, the rocker with no seat

And hey, let’s not forget the freezer full of three-year old meat!

There’s more stuff than house, I’ve come to fear,

And as we’re of an age where we need to clear

More stuff out and take less stuff in–

If not, we’re going to end up in the looney bin!







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