When the World Gives You Crap

When the world gives you crap

Stand up straight and fling it back.

Stress will come and stress will go,

It’s all about how we handle it, you know.

When everyone seems mad at you,

And then you get to feeling blue

Just think—they may be sad

Or upset or scared or mad–

They may take it out on you

(But it’s really not about you.)

Try not to take their hurts to heart

Instead, try and go for a brand new start,

And let those those slings and arrows slide right off–

As well as any who may jeer and scoff.

Mad and sad go hand-in-hand,

But don’t let those two negatives land

Upon your heart, your soul, your mind–

Take a breath, then smile, be kind.

And even though they may not show it,

Those hurt ones will come to know it

As the comfort it was meant to be–

And perhaps go back to harmony.

Life is short but fear is long

Don’t let that keep you from a  song

Of love and laughter, joy and hope–

Don’t let others make you sit and mope,

Set your eyes on the brightest star,

And be glad you’re you and all you are!








2 thoughts on “When the World Gives You Crap

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    Especially appreciating that final, send-it-home line.

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thank you, Phyllis! Please know that your comments and your posts inspire me. 🙂

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