The One Word, The One Name That Matters

I have become quite a fan of the Kindness Blog (check out and you’ll see what I mean). There are many, many stories of the power of kindness and how that power changes lives.

I recently read “One Word That Can Bring Us Back to What Matters” — by Rachel Macy Stafford, posted March 16, 2015, which is all about the power and the magic of hearing our own names spoken aloud. It is said that we respond mentally and viscerally to the sound of our own names. Hearing our name said aloud resonates within us as nothing else can.

This is from the end of Ms. Stafford’s entry; she said she felt as if she had been given a formula for a more meaningful connection in this impersonal tech-before-people age, and it is this:

“Speak his name.
Sing her name.
Whisper his name.
Cheer her name.
Pray his name.
Celebrate her name.

Say it with fondness.
Say it with tenderness.
Say it with reverence.
Say it with kindness.

Attach it to soul-building words like:
You are my favorite.
You are enough.
I believe in you.
I’ve been thinking about you.

Take a moment to remember the time, thought, and care that went into choosing the name of the person standing before you and then say it—say it as if it’s the most beautiful word that ever came from your lips. This one simple action holds the power to strengthen weak connections … make lowly shoulders rise … let someone know he is not forgotten.

Today, let us not forget.

With one single word, we have the power to heal the past, pause the present, and illuminate the future.

Simply say it with love.”


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