The elephants, they sway

In majestic array

They go where they please–

Baby pachyderm sneezes,

And finding water, they play

Douse each other in spray–

Aunties help lift the baby

Out of the water, and maybe

Let him sleep safe between their knees

Snoring and smelling of honey bees

The adults’ massive feet that pound the dirt

Are gentle when one they love is hurt–

Their trunks stretch out to pat

Any hurt places others have that

They can’t reach alone,

So others gather and loan

Their help where it’s needed.

They give silent thanks that are heeded

By all who walk together,

In all the changes of weather–

They can be a chatty bunch

Or can be cranky when missing lunch.

But their community is strong

Where even when one is gone,

They are remembered in elephant dreams–

Here and there a tear gleams

In an ancient and wrinkled eye.

And they move on with a collective sigh.

When elephants grieve

They know when to leave–

Their tributes paid,

They walk away.





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