Got Moral Compass?

I know that the times, they have been a’changin’ for decades now. It seems that a lot of the social niceties like manners, respect, thinking of others, honor and service to others have gone by the wayside–all to our detriment. It appears that many of us are more self-serving, selfish and self-absorbed than ever before. There is an attitude of ‘me first’ where in times past it might have been ‘you first.’ But what bothers me the most is that now so many appear to have lost their moral compass, or worst–never had one.

So what exactly is a moral compass? The dictionary defines it as this: “anything which serves to guide a person’s decisions based on morals or virtues.”

I always go back to upbringing, because that is where we learn our morals, values and habits; where we learn how to get along in the world. If we are raised with people who yell and scream to get what they want, that will be our own value system. If we are raised in an atmosphere of constants where we know what the rules are, and what the consequences will be if those rules are not followed–then we grow up understanding rules to live by and how to treat others.

I was watching a talk show not long ago, and the subject was “Sugar Babies.” No, not the caramel candies; these are pretty young women who are in the business of “working with” wealthy men. They insist that it is not about sex, but about companionship. For the mere pleasure of their company, these girls are given money, gifts, vacations, cars and so. I imagine that deals are often brokered for other services as well.

It doesn’t seem to bother the young women to trade their favors for these gifts, either. It’s a pretty straight forward rule that we generally don’t get something for nothing, and the price may be too high. What about love, commitment, integrity and truth? We are all too aware of how transitory beauty is, and once you can no longer trade on that, what do you have left?

This show also featured a husband and wife who were expecting their first baby. The wife was a former sugar baby, and had let all her clients know her new status. It had taken the husband a while to process his wife’s prior activities, but he finally accepted it. But here’s what happened next–the wife started asking her previous clients for money for the coming baby–and the husband was ok with it!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was gobstruck hearing that. What kind of husband and soon-to-be-father would be fine with that kind of arrangement? Seriously, I don’t get it. I am trying my best not to judge here, but I can’t wrap my mind around how this would possibly be ok. Is this the new value system? I hope not–I’d like to think we are better than this.




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