Man. Woman. Birth. Death. Infinity.

Does anyone remember the old TV show, “Ben Casey?” It ran from 1961 to 1966, and every show began with these words: “Man. Woman. Birth. Death. Infinity.” A hand drew the symbols for each on a blackboard as the words were intoned.

We know that we are born from men and women, that we live our lives, and eventually, we die. But beyond that, in all that fathomless infinity, we have only our faith and theories. My personal beliefs are my own, which I will not go into here. However, I feel in my heart that each person who has lived, is living, and ever will live on this earth is a unique and magnificent spirit. I believe that such an amazing entity is not bound by time or space, nor can it ever die. Every person, no matter what they do in life or what they become, possesses this incredible life force crafted exquisitely by our *Creator. We are each here for a reason and a purpose, no matter how it looks to our human eyes.

The receptacles of our spirits; our bodies, are only the outward shell. What we look like on the outside does not always show all that we are on the inside. A person can be plain or beautiful, mean or kind, good or bad, and so on–but this is not all we are.

When one of us whom we love and care for dies, we grieve the loss of that person. We miss the person whose hands we touched, whose laugh we loved, whose eyes brightened when they saw us. This is the human, earthbound part of us. But that beautiful spirit lives on, and I believe that it stays near us while we make that difficult transition from having them with us to their journey forward.

We may search for comfort in our religion, our beliefs, our families and our friends, but we will not know the truth of things until we too pass through to the other side. Personally, I believe that in this passage we will come to know everything–all things of the world, the universe and timeless space will instantly become clear to us. I believe that the pervading feeling of that passage will be infinite and all-consuming love; that all hearts may be whole again, and all pain will be gone forever. This is something I cannot prove, nor will I try. But I believe it.

Today the Crankee Yankee (my husband) and I will attend our dear friend Jeannie’s funeral. I will cry because I can’t help it. I will wish with all my heart that she had had more time with us all. But I know–I know–that that beautiful and amazing spirit is free and is now part of us all.

*God, Yahweh, Elohim, Allah, Buddha, Spirit, the Universe, etc.


2 thoughts on “Man. Woman. Birth. Death. Infinity.

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Thoughts and prayers for you on losing a precious friend. (I do remember Ben Casey, by the way; his eyebrows scared me, and I preferred Dr. Kildare!)

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thank you, Pam–

    I appreciate it. Funny, I thought that no one else was bothered by Ben’s eyebrows AND his extremely hairy arms! I liked Dr. Zorba, though…. 🙂

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