Things “Older People” Aren’t Supposed To Do…..(Really??)

I love Jes Baker’s Militant Baker blog (check her out at One of her standard and ongoing posts is “Things Fat People Shouldn’t Do,” which is where I got the inspiration for my post this morning.

Some people have the idea that, if you’re older, you have already had your share of fun and don’t need to have any more. Codswallop! Having fun keeps us young, and fun is where you find it.

Now that I’m creeping up on my 64th birthday, there seems to be more whooping and hollering from the younger set (you know who you are) about things that may be “inappropriate” for folks my age. Barring health or mobility or sanity issues, I think that people my age can pretty much do whatever the hell we want. The greatest thing about getting older is that you finally realize that it doesn’t matter what other people think. After all, it’s their perception, which doesn’t always equal the truth.

So, here are some of the things that “some people” feel we shouldn’t be doing ‘at our age:’

  • Wear stylish clothing that suits you–i.e.; if you love wearing a kimono and leggings and ballet flats, wear them with joy–nuts to the current fashions
  • Try out a wild hairdo
  • *Get a makeup makeover every couple of years
  • Wear lots of jewelry
  • Take up a great hobby and make time for it
  • Have loud, raucous sex
  • Smile at everyone (well, put your teeth in first if you have ‘falsies’)
  • Play a musical instrument joyously
  • Dance–any style as long as your heart’s in it
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Play games with your grandkids that make you look like an idiot (but it doesn’t matter because it makes the kids laugh)
  • Go to a funny movie and laugh out loud–even if you snort and drool when you laugh
  • Make inappropriate jokes amongst yourselves (don’t let the PC police hear you)
  • Enjoy a great glass of wine now and then
  • Fart and then laugh about it (you can’t help it anyway, so you might as well laugh)
  • Go to a restaurant with friends and joke and cut up as if you have all the time in the world
  • Be genuinely YOU–there is only one of you

The important thing about doing fun things is to do them for your own pleasure–things you genuinely enjoy. When we have sincere, from-the-heart good fun, we are confident in our own skins. We are not doing these things to show off or pretend to be younger than we are–we should be doing the things that make us happy. If sitting on the couch in the sunshine doing a crossword puzzle makes you happy, do it! If you’re in good shape and want to run a 5K race with people half your age, do it. The point of having fun is toΒ have fun.Β 

We should do these things because we want to, not because we are frightened of getting older and we want to “look young.” We should do the things we love that make us happy. Happy people live good lives and make those around them happy. (And as a plus, being yourself makes you look great.) Here’s a secret to looking and feeling younger–keep looking ahead. Enjoy the journey forward, and don’t fret about the past.

To those who feel that folks our age should dress in drab clothing, do ‘old people things’, smell of Bengay and moth balls and just stay out of sight so that our horrid “oldness” doesn’t louse up the view—tough. Get over yourselves. If you’re lucky enough to live as long as we have, maybe your focus will change. Being older is a whole lot more fun than you think!

(Now, what was that about having loud raucous sex?)

*Now this is not only fun, but important. We don’t want to be like poor old Ellie Mae from The Beverly Hillbillies, who still dressed up in pigtails and short-shorts in her ’80s, poor thing.



4 thoughts on “Things “Older People” Aren’t Supposed To Do…..(Really??)

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    Unbelievably wonderful. And I think that “Codswallop” is my new favorite word for the — decade! Sharing. Widely. (And with lots of life experience πŸ˜‰ ) xx

  2. Inkplume says:

    “When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you. You have gotten dangerously close to something called freedom.” – Rebel Circus

    Side note: Ironically, Rebel Circus seems to be geared to a young target audience, but … if the shoe fits…!

  3. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks–great reply! Yup, getting older really does have its perks. Remember when having a ‘bad rep’ in high school was social suicide? My, my, how times have changed! πŸ˜‰

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