The February Floomp

It’s near the end of February

And more snow makes us wary–

That we’ll slip and slide and land on our butts

Or conk our heads like coconuts.

For me, I am weary

Of days dark and dreary–

Of heavy clothes,

My runny nose

My big and clunky winter boots

And all the salt upon my suits–

But March is soon upon us,

Bringing relief from winter jaundice

Perhaps by then

Temps will be above 10–

Or there may be

Some red-breasted robins to see–

Maybe that will pull me from this winter floomp

And give my spirits a bit more oomph.

I know, I know–the cold will go

Along with the slush and ice and snow–

One day this year

We’ll stand and cheer

That winter’s past

At last, at LAST!









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