Love In Action

In a world that can seem mean, cold, cruel and full of senseless acts of violence, acts of love still bloom. There are miracles large and small that happen constantly all around us.

Here are some of the miracles I’ve heard of just this week:

In Manchester, NH, a Facebook post (Manchester Happenings Now, where members can share information about events in the area), sparked an act of kindness for the homeless. Concerned people gathered in Veterans Park to wrap scarves, hats and mittens (many of them hand-made) around statues, trees and benches, so that anyone in need would find them. Every item was tagged with this message: “I am not lost. If you find yourself in the cold, please take me to keep warm.”

In Detroit, MI, there was a story about a 56 year old man named James Robertson. Each day he walked 12 miles and then took a bus for 9 more miles to get to work. His car had broken down years ago.  But his dedication to the job drove him to do whatever it took to get him to work each day. A 19 year old boy, Evan Leedy, heard of this and set up a fundraising page to help.

Many people, upon learning about this man, joined in the fundraising efforts to buy Mr. Robertson a new car. An astounding total of $198,000 has been raised, and, as Evan Leedy said, “Every penny will help James in any way that he needs it.” Some amazing teenager!

NH Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts have made it their business to check on the elderly folks in their towns during all the snowstorms. Besides cheering them up by their visits, these boys shovel off stairs, driveways and walkways and put down sand. They also check outside vents and clear them of snow.

The Love Note Lady. Just this morning, there was a story in the news about a woman who leaves love notes and Valentines in unexpected places throughout her town. The envelopes are decorated with hearts and can be found in mail boxes, stuck between two books in the local library, on a shelf in the grocery store, and so on. The note inside can be a simple message reading “The love you seek is right in front of you,” or the envelope might contain a gift card or a $5 bill. But always, the message is that the finder is loved.

These are four examples of the miracles all around us every day. There are millions more. We can be both receivers and givers of those miracles; it’s easier than you think. It doesn’t have to cost a penny, just a bit of time.

If we can recognize the gifts we are given, and be able to pay them forward, we will be part of love in action. Despite what awful things may be happening in the world, our country, our state, our community, our families, there is always room for miracles.

Best of all, sometimes we can make them happen.





2 thoughts on “Love In Action

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Indeed Jane miracles do exist. I had my own this week when I know
    an angel took the wheel when a truck pulled right out into my lane in front of me.
    I braced myself for the cash. Later that night while praying I had a vision of this very very large angel with both arms outstretched, one
    holding back the truck the other taking my steering wheel. I know I went
    out of my body for those seconds and the next thing I knew my car
    was back in the proper lane heading in the right direction. My car
    being old would most likely have been a write off and God only knows
    where I would be today. My first thoughts were thank you God for
    taking care of me.
    Always, always there are ways to pay forward. Sometimes even a
    simple thing such as a phone call can uplift someone who is alone.
    Thanks for your wonderful shares.

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Wow, Diane!!!!

    I’m so glad you’re all right. I do believe that our angels watch over us and help when they can.

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