Bad Monkey Road

Our fabulous granddaughter, Ava, is three and a half years old. She is the most fascinating person I know, and the Crankee Yankee (my husband) and I just can’t hear enough about what she’s doing. On a recent visit with her and her mom, we spent the day together, did some shopping and went out for dinner. On the way home, Ava and her mom always play the “go straight, left or right” game. Ava knows the roads near her home pretty well, so most of her answers are correct. However, on one street she chose ‘go straight’ and her mom said, ‘nope–we should go right. But you chose straight, so we are going straight.’

Ava pouted a bit and then said, “well, ok, but this is a bad monkey road.” We asked what made it such a bad monkey road, and she replied that several bad monkeys live on the road and that we’d better be careful. So we all made sure that our doors were locked, and thankfully, got back safely with no trouble from the bad monkeys.

Well, the Crankee Yankee and I couldn’t stop laughing about that. After we left Ava and her mom and were on our way home, we sang “Take Me Home, Country Road,” and substituted ‘country road’ with ‘bad monkey road.’ I know it probably doesn’t sound as funny as it was, but we were punchy and chuckalicious from another good time with Ava, so we laughed our heads off for miles.

Ava is quite a talker, and is most emphatic about what she says. She also wants to be taken seriously. Her father often plays a little game with her about the name of her favorite rabbit, Hippy Hoppy. He will look at her and say, “now, what’s the name of that bunny of yours again?”

“Papa, it’s Hippy Hoppy!” Ava says, a bit irritated that her father can’t seem to remember the rabbit’s name every day.

Her father will sit back in his chair, nodding and saying, “Oh, that’s right–Clippy Cloppy.” Immediately Ava will shrill, “NOOOOO! Hippy Hoppy!” And off they go:

“Stinky Socky?”

“NOOOOOO! Hippy Hoppy!!”

“Oh, right. Flinky-Flonky?’

“*NOOOO-wah! Papa, it’s Hippy Hoppy!!!”

And so it goes until Ava dissolves into giggles as her father grabs her and tickles her, saying “Hippy Hoppy! Hippy Hoppy! Hippy Hoppy!” over and over again.

Look, I never had a grandchild before, and it is a wonderfully dizzying experience. Not only am I completely captivated by this amazing creature, but my life is so much richer with Ava in it.

To all the grandparents out there; I get it now. I understand now why coloring a moose green and blue with Ava is more fun than just about anything. I get it that, once you have a grandchild, nothing is ever the same. It’s MUCH better! 🙂

*The “-wah” at the end of the word ‘no’ signifies that Ava is particularly aggravated. Which is too bad because the rest of us think it’s hysterical. The poor kid.


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