Seriously–Who Has 5,000 Friends?

I’ll be the first to admit that I know little or nothing about Facebook. A while ago, I created a Facebook book page (hey, I was up late, I’d had two glasses of wine, the Crankee Yankee [my husband] had gone to bed–you know how it is), and here’s what happened.

Once I got my Facebook thingy up and running (and I made sure to click the button that said that only people I knew could contact me), I got “friend requests” right away. I thought, ‘well, isn’t that nice. Now we can reconnect and chat, etc.’ There was a polite little note from the daughter of an old friend, asking if she could ‘friend’ me (that term really grates  against my English major sensibilities), and I clicked ‘yes.’

Before I knew it, friends of the friends of this person literally peppered my ‘wall’ (sigh, another irritating term) with inanities such as:

“You have to try the sushi at SoFreshYo! So good!”

“Ya, been there, got sick from the sea urchin, but otherwise ok.”

“No, dude–pizza at Jokomos is way better!”

“Anyone see the Son of the Return of the Revenge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Cockroaches? AWESOME!!!!”

“Ya gotta see the Shaken III–scary as s***!!!!”

“We’re going to meet up at BooBooKitty later on tonight–ya in?”

“Way cool!”

“No man–lame–very lame.”

…and so it went. I did not know ANY of these people, and their spelling was atrocious. It turns out that, if you ‘friend’ someone, all their little friends who follow them can do so on your very own wall. So within 24 hours, I took the dang thing down.

Then there’s the whole deal about “Likes.” In Facebook-ese, I guess that means that when you post something, like a picture of your dinner (really???), people can “like” it. So you may end up with hundreds of likes regarding your dish of goulash.

Now, in the general scheme of things and life in general, is this really necessary? Or is it just one more distraction to keep us all from focusing on–oh, I don’t know–REAL LIFE?

But then again, I am part of the fuddy-duddy generation who arrived in the ’50s, so what do I know? None of this was around when I rode my pet stegosaurus to school each day.

To all Facebook enthusiasts, do go on with your ‘likes’ and ‘friending.’ I’ll admit it’s not my cup of tea, but that’s just me…..


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