Earth Angels

We may not see them or hear about them, but earth angels are all around us. They may look like you and me, but there the resemblance ends. Earth angels are the people who go above and beyond; who help, heal, comfort and make life easier for others. They aren’t Navy Seals, or rich celebrities or highly paid CEOs of billion dollar companies–they are just people who care.

As you can’t tell the contents of a book by its cover, you also cannot tell the mettle of a person from their outside. It is said that, if we were to see just one person’s soul, it would be so blindingly magnificent that we would fall on our knees in awe. The souls of the earth angels are magnificent indeed.

The earth angels walk among us, quietly doing good where they can. Their faces are no different than ours, but theirs are the faces of comfort and care to those who need them. Many are shy, preferring to blend into the background. Some choose careers as nurses, hospice workers, veterinarians, caregivers; some are stay-at-home parents, some put their own lives on hold to help a family member, and some give others the care that was not given to them in their own lives. Instead of turning to bitterness and anger over their own neglect, they choose to rise above their upbringing and help others in whatever way they can.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can spot one. It may be the cashier who rings up your groceries smilingly and asks how you are. It could be the little boy and his mother having lunch in the next booth; his laughter so infectious that no matter how bad your day was, you just can’t help but laugh too.

There is a terrible lot of hurt and pain in this world, and the earth angels who are around us work tirelessly to make a positive change.When one person helps another person, that energy and good intent acts like a stone tossed into a pond. The ripples fan all the way out to the edges of the pond, then ripple back even stronger. This is literally how the world changes; one positive change at a time, one person comforted and helped, one earth angel lifting someone’s heart–it is just that simple and just that immense.

Watch for the earth angels–they are here to help, and their many acts of kindness and compassion often rub off on the rest of us. Just watch.

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