When You Let Someone Change You

In looking back through your life, who changed you by being in your life? What effect did they (or do they) have on your life? Were they someone you admired so much that you wanted to be just like them, or was it someone who was so toxic you vowed never to be like them? People come into and out of our lives for many reasons. Sometimes we never understand the reason; sometimes we do. People teach us, direct us and make us think outside the limits we’ve put on ourselves. Some people challenge us, break us down and then build us up. Some make us better, some don’t. My belief is that all people who come into our lives come in for a reason and a purpose.

Our parents and grandparents are there for us from the time we are born. Theirs are the faces and voices we come to love and trust, and when they speak, we listen. They are guides for us; a fixed point from which we go on to make our own lives. It is from their arms that we walk out into the world on our own, armed with all they taught us.

Some people we run into during our lives influence us just by being awful people. At some point, though, we realize that we have fallen victim to users, manipulators, energy vampires, and those who want to take what we have and leave us picked clean. When we’ve had enough and leave them, they whine and cry for us not to go–please, please don’t leave me! Often we let guilt take us over, and we step back into the mess we tried so hard to leave. But sooner or later, we know we must leave or we will lose ourselves. We also realize that these users and losers will just find another sucker once we’re gone.

Once we are free, we understand what we have learned; that we can never fall for that type of person again. So, there you are–even a toxic person teaches us something.

Then there are those special angels who land in our lives who make a profound and lasting change in us. The entire direction of our lives as we might have planned can turn on a dime because of these folks. One such angel in my life made me aware of energy work, such as Reiki. I finally took Level I and then Level II Reiki classes from her, and will eventually take my Level III, or Reiki Master class. I have found purpose and joy in performing Reiki on family and  friends, and I volunteer my services when I can.

This is a direction I never saw coming, but am so grateful for it. It has given me a new outlook on life, people, purpose, focus, plus a desire to learn more. My occupation for many years has been both creative and technical writing, the latter of which has been my main career; I have created and written manuals for all kinds of products and services. Basically, I instruct readers on how to start, run and stop the product or service for which I’m writing. As they say, ‘it ain’t rocket science.’ So this turn to energy work was something completely unprecedented for me.

It’s something I never planned on, never saw coming, and never expected to experience. But it’s changed who I am forever. It makes me somehow better, kinder, more patient, more accepting, and much more calm. It’s a gift to me, and my hope is that my energy work on others is a gift to them.

So–change can be scary, irritating, uncomfortable, even frightening. But it can also be life-changing. It can help us grow and change and be better people. And when that happens, you want to share it. When you share it, all that is good about it affects others positively. Between you and me, I’m pretty sure that’s how you begin to change the world.


One thought on “When You Let Someone Change You

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    I enjoyed this so much, Jane. Right to my heart.

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