To The Doomers and Gloomers

Oh, the deadly Doomers and Gloomers of this world who delight in sharing sad, tragic or mournful news! How they love to bring us all down with tales of sorrow and woe, doom and gloom, sadness and badness and so much more. They seem to love to be the messenger of all things heartbreaking and tragic. Maybe it makes them feel more important; who knows? All I know is that when I see one of these folks looming up on the horizon, I want to RUN.

Ds & Gs are to me just like those notorious tell-all anchor folks: they get you all stirred up, sad, angry and upset–then they walk away, puffed with importance to be the ones to break the horrible news du jour. Honestly, who needs that? Do I really want to hear about the horrible videos of wild animals being slaughtered or cows in the slaughterhouse or the newlyweds who died tragically on their way to their honeymoon?? Jeez, please keep that crap to yourself. I do NOT want to hear it, and I certainly don’t want it in my head.

Seriously, I don’t get the pleasure they get out of it, and you know good and right well that they do love to be the ones to spread the doom and gloom. They are a lot like the folks who tell you something awful about someone you both know, and they start out by demurring “well, I probably shouldn’t pass this one, but….” and then they spill the beans. (FYI, they will do so even when you say that you really don’t want to hear it–they just have tell you anyway!)

The biggest trouble with the Ds & Gs is that the stuff that they so want to share with you is not usually anything you want to have bouncing around in your head. All it takes to bring me to tears is seeing those sad animals on TV with Sarah McLachlan singing “In the Arms of the Angels” in the background. It takes a big effort to get those images out of my head, and they make my heart hurt, too. I always have to grit my teeth and say aloud ‘we have three rescue cats and we are feeding the neighborhood strays every day. We’re doing all we can to help!’

I don’t think that the Ds & Gs understand that their verbal assaults can be damaging in the short and long run. It may give them a great deal of pleasure to spread this bad news around, but it’s hurtful to those of us who have to hear it. I think that they believe that they are doing others a favor by spilling bad news–as if hearing it from someone we know makes it all right. Sadly, no.

I’ve gotten to an age where I am all too aware that I have more years behind me than ahead. I really do not want to spend those precious remaining seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years listening to negativity and ugliness. So, to all those Doomers and Gloomers, I say this: puh-LEEZE take your abysmal news somewhere else. I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want it in my head, and I am going to beat a quick retreat when I see you coming.

In fact, I just may take this a step further and lead the brigade of angry villagers waving torches. Ds & Gs, you have it coming!

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