What Are Your Favorite Christmas Movies?

I admit it; I am a Christmas nerd. I love everything about Christmas, and especially my favorite Christmas movies, but I will also watch the Hallmark and Lifetime channel tear-jerkers to get my Christmas fix. (I am also an easy crier.) Throughout most of the month, I sing carols nearly non-stop while doing household chores, or driving. I really can’t help it.

Generally I enjoy watching my favorite Christmas movies while frantically finishing the final sewing of blankets, stuffed mice (for the cats), making one more necklace and earrings set, and trying to remember what ingredients I may have left out of the traditional Christmas chowder this year. These movies take me to my happy place in a time that is stressful and shouldn’t be; it is after all, about those we love and who love us.

Every family has their own traditions and memories, and the reason for the season is that remembrance and the hope we have for the years to come. Part of those traditions for many of us is enjoying our favorite movies. Here are mine:

  • “A Christmas Carol,” starring Alastair Sim (1951) – hands-down, the BEST version of this movie
  • “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring the incomparable Jimmy Stewart
  • “Love Actually,” starring such fabulous actors as Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson and Rowan Atkinson
  • “A Christmas Story,” based on the short stories by Jean Shepherd, based on his book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash
  • The original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (NOT the Jim Carey version; the animated version narrated by Boris Karloff in 1966)

Now those are what I personally consider the Holy Grail of Christmas movies. (I won’t even list the real stinkos that show up around Christmas. I won’t name them, either, just in case you like them. To each his own, I say.)

Speaking of that, I must mention here that the Crankee Yankee (my husband) is very tolerant of my Christmas movie addiction. Of course, that doesn’t preclude him saying, “Really? THIS movie AGAIN?” But, good sport that he is, he simply sighs, and goes back on the computer until my movie madness passes.

In any case, no matter what movies you like to see around this time of year–watch them, enjoy them and give yourself a little mental vacation. After all, it is Christmas time.


One thought on “What Are Your Favorite Christmas Movies?

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I’m right there with you, indiscriminately watching Hallmark holidays films next to time honored classics, like the original Miracle on (what number street is that????) I really enjoyed The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black, and Kate Winslet, and I confess a real liking for the Muppet Christmas carol! Merry Christmas!

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