Avoiding the Christmas Crazy

Well, here we are–five days from Christmas 2014 and I am no where near ready! As I do every year, I’ve somehow managed to let the time get away from me. Here’s what I had planned to have done by now:

  • Finished and wrapped my granddaughter’s quilt (it’s half-sewn because my one-and-only sewing machine needle broke. Did I have backup needles? Nooooooooo. I bought some new ones but still haven’t finished the quilt.)
  • Made a half dozen blueberry cakes for our neighbors (nope–haven’t even bought the little tin loaf pans yet!)
  • Made eight catnip mice for all the kitties in my life (our three, Mom and Dad’s cat, my best friends’ cats–one and two respectively, and my granddaughter’s cat); I have the fleece, batting and everything; just not the TIME!)
  • Finished the two necklace and earring sets I’d planned to make and wrap by Christmas Eve
  • Made and sent out earrings to two old friends
  • Dropped off the gift I made for a dear friend from work who is recovering at home from surgery
  • Bought something for the Yankee Swap at work
  • Sent out Christmas cards (HA! This is something I always think about, but never get around to do–each year)
  • Started collecting the ingredients for our traditional Christmas Chowder for Christmas Eve

So–what now? Do I lose the whole focus and reason for the holiday by making myself and everyone around me crazy? Or do I calm down, relax and realize that the world will not stop spinning just because I didn’t accomplish all the Herculean tasks I set for myself?

Here’s what I’ve decided–I will do the best I can. If I get those blueberry cakes made and delivered a few days after Christmas, so what? Will my granddaughter be mad at me for not finishing her quilt on time? I doubt it. Is a gift delivered late but still heartfelt any less a gift? Nope. Does the Yankee Swap really need one more silly gift? Um–no. So, here’s my plan for the next five days:


Yup, that works for me. Here’s a newsflash in three parts that we all need to remember:

  • We are not perfect.
  • We always plan to do much more than we can actually do over the holidays.
  • No one (including ourselves) will love us any less if we fail to accomplish it all.

The whole reason for this season, no matter what your beliefs are, is to be with and enjoy family and friends. Whether we are all physically together or we just call each other on the day, whether we sit down to a celebratory meal with everyone or simply enjoy a hot chocolate while sitting in a comfy chair–it’s a time to remember and celebrate who we are and all those who have come before us, and will go on after us.

Take a deep breath and relax. It’s going to be a fabulous Christmas.

God help us, every one!


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