Those Who Serve

On this Memorial Day, let’s all take a minute or two to imagine what America would be like without our freedoms. These freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted were won with blood and tears.

So many of our heroes in the armed forces chose to put themselves directly in harm’s way for the sake of preserving everything we cherish in this country. I am old enough to remember the draft for Vietnam and how frightening it was. Imagine being a young person with your whole life ahead of you–suddenly plucked out everything you know, to have to pack up and go to war in a place you’ve had never heard of.

When September 11 happened, many decided to sign up and go to war. Many were headed for college, or marriage, or the trades, or traveling for their own pleasure–but they chose to put all that on hold and join the service to defend our country. I am well aware that there is much controversy about war in general, especially in the Middle East. But how easy it is to complain and point fingers without putting your very life on the line.

After this latest atrocity to our country, people chose to go fight. Their hearts would not allow them to do otherwise, and they deserve our respect, our gratitude, our love and every help and service this country can provide for them.

As for our veterans, let me say this purely and simply: they deserve every kindness, service, program and benefit we can offer them. Period.

I owe my freedoms to the sacrifice of many. I owe my way of life to the blood of men and women I never met. From the stories told by those who served in my family, I am keenly aware that my freedom didn’t come without a price.

Today, like so many of us, I am going to enjoy a cookout with my family. In all our festivities, I will spare a moment to remember those who have and do serve. I am going to let my dad and my step-daughter (now in the reserves after five deployments) know how much their service means to me.

If there is a special place in Heaven for warriors (and I’m sure there is), I hope they can feel our gratitude, love and appreciation. They deserve it.


One thought on “Those Who Serve

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Thank you Jane. Indeed a day of remembrance for all who have
    sacrificed so much, especially “mothers”….. who gave their sons and

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