Do you feel less than perfect? Do you avoid mirrors? Do you cut the size labels out of your clothes? Avoid stepping on the scale? Think your hair is horrible and your skin is hopeless? Do you self-criticize every word you say? Feel you have nothing to offer the world?

Let’s look at this in a new way. First, there is only ONE of you in this world–that’s it–just the one YOU. That alone makes you unique, special, valuable; a one-of-a-kind edition. Second, hear this and believe it–whatever you think about your appearance, I will guarantee that other people are looking at you with envy. They may wish that they had your hair (yup, that same hair you despair will never look like Jennifer Anniston’s swing-y bob), your eyes (the ones you think are too squinty or too wide-set), your shape, your height, your size, you name it–just about everyone you see is also insecure about how they look.

What if we make a deal with ourselves to NOT hate how we look? What if we decide to celebrate our own unique look? (C’mon now, there’s only one Jennifer A. and she probably gets pea-green with envy about someone else’s look, too!) How about if that deal includes no more self-hatred? No more complaining about size, or color, or shape, or hair, or anything.

Of course, if there is something you want to change about yourself, and will take the steps to do so, hurray for you! That’s your decision, your journey. Do it, love it, BE it. But don’t do it for anyone else but YOU. And that’s if YOU want to do it.

How about each time we think or say something bad about ourselves we stop, breathe and say, “Nope–delete that last statement.” Now come up with a better statement about what you just criticized and say it out loud. Spoken words have great power. Saying something and meaning what you say creates a positive energy that takes on a life of its own.

Instead of saying, “oh, these hips! I look like a pregnant elephant!” instead say, “oh, these sexy hips of mine–watch me swivel!” You get the idea. Anything you’re tempted to say about yourself that’s negative, STOP. Immediately replace it with something positive. You don’t need to announce these things to the world, but DO say them to yourself.

So what happens if you keep doing this? Here’s what: you will hold your head higher, you will walk with grace and confidence, you will move like a warm breeze through crowds of admirers. Your confidence in yourself will tell the world that you are fabulous, a positive force of nature, a rare jewel, a marvelously-made miracle.

Be you; oh, BE you! There isn’t another on the planet like you, so BE YOU!


One thought on “BE YOU!

  1. diane kirkup says:

    As Stuart Smalley (Sat. Night Live) would say: “I love myself”
    and that’s that!

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