Manscaping – Really??

I saw one of those ads on TV for a certain hair-removal product that both women and men can use. I suppose if you need hair removed from different places, it’s cheaper (and probably less painful) to do it yourself rather than pay someone to torture you with hot wax. Maybe I’m out of touch, but when did men (those who aren’t in competitive swimming, that is) start ‘manscaping?’

The ad I’m talking about shows a nice-looking young man happily saying that using the product made him look as though he had just had a “fresh wax.” Seriously?!? Where exactly is that hair he needed removed? I understand that some men like to trim or shave the “south forty,” (I really don’t want to know why) but this guy seemed to be talking about shaving his chest and arms.

Personally, I wouldn’t give you ten cents for a man without a hairy chest and arms, but that’s just me. I have known some men who sport an actual rug on their chests AND back, so maybe if the man is that furry, he might want to set up a monthly sheering. But to do it just for the look? I don’t get it. Then again, I’m not young and both my eyesight and the Crankee Yankee’s (my husband of nearly 12 years) is bad enough so that both of us still look pretty good to each other. So far, he hasn’t shown any interest in manscaping, for which I am grateful.

Besides, just think of the hairy mess in the sink and the tub. If a man’s going to do this, then the following should be painted in large letters wherever the “sheering” takes place:






2 thoughts on “Manscaping – Really??

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