The Power of Amazement

Have you been amazed lately? If not, why not? There is amazement all around us. Just for today, take a good look around. No, really–a GOOD look. Look up at the sky–that sweet, promising fragile blue shot through with wisps of white clouds. It’s prettier than a Wedgewood vase.  Take a look at the trees–they know it’s spring, and they are already working on their tender green leaves. It will look like fuzz on a newborn’s head, but it’s there. On those brown patches of ground where the snow has receded, blue jays and robins are busy scratching away, searching for treasure.

If you live near the water, there will be a constant symphony of the remaining ice breaking up–it crackles and creaks and moans; it knows it’s time to go. Ducks and geese fly overhead in honking Vs, and the seagulls bob on the open water. Cardinals begin  their sweet songs just before daylight, and invade our early morning dreams with the promise of warm weather to come. Just the other day on my drive home there was a turkey buzzard soaring over the highway, gently riding the thermals, its immense wings spread wide.

Amazement is not only relegated to nature. It is everywhere–we just have to open our eyes. When you see your child recover from an illness and smile again, that is wonder, joy, gratitude and amazement. When you hear a favorite symphony and you thrill to that beautiful music, that’s amazing.  A loving word given at the exact time you need to hear it is a gift and a blessing. When you visit a parent and see their eyes light up simply because you are you, that is a singular amazement.

You don’t need to go far to be amazed. Sometimes in the dead of this very long and very snowy winter, I craved the sight of flowers and lush greenery. I Googled up “beautiful tropical flowers,” and feasted on their beauty for a wonder-filled hour. The same with breath-taking scenery, wildlife, sunsets, sunrises, the Northern Lights, landscapes around the world–well, there’s just no end to the amazement.

The Crankee Yankee (my husband) and I have skunks that live close to our property, and we put food out for them (and all the other critters who come by) under our porch. Now that warmer weather is on the way, we often see them waddling down the bank in the back yard to come and feed. The fact that they seem to know us and often stand in full view (at a respectful distance) while we put food down for them is both comical and amazing.

Sometimes amazement comes in the simplest forms: a cold drink of water when you’re thirsty, a great book that holds you for ransom until you finish it, a hot meal when you’re hungry, a fleece blanket when your legs are cold, one of the cats cuddling down beside you, a cool breeze smelling of new greenery, the first flower spotted in the thin snow of March–all amazing.

Let’s let ourselves be amazed today. Let’s not be the kind of people who shrug and say, “Whateverrrrr…” dismissively. Imagine for a moment that your senses are all brand new: new eyes, new ears, new nose, new mouth, new skin. How wonderful would be the first sight, sound, smell, taste, touch? Today let’s let wonder and amazement fill us and push out any resentment, sorrow, anger, fear or worry. If we let ourselves to be full of good things, there is no room left for bad things–only amazement.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Amazement

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Thank you SO much, Jane. This is true, benevolent medicine as I gaze out from the Piggery’s window on this new day. 🙂 (This is Phyllis sending appreciation from Diane’s.)

  2. travelinma says:

    Oh gosh was a great post. Why do we have to be reminded to be amazed and grateful?

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