How About Some Supermarket Etiquette?

I think that we should establish some rules of etiquette about supermarket behavior. There are definitely some folks out there who don’t seem to understand that they actually have to share space with the rest of us. That isn’t so bad if you are someplace where you can get away from them, but difficult if you are navigating the supermarket aisles.

Here are a few reminders I would love to see posted in huge letters in every aisle:

  • Do not park your cart sideways right in the dang middle of the aisle.
  • Do not stand like a lox in front of the grapes, staring into space–other people would like to buy some grapes, too.
  • The supermarket is a lot like the highway–stay in your own lane, and watch out for other drivers.
  • If you feel you must scratch your privates, please don’t continue touching things. Go home. NOW.
  • When you put your purchases on the conveyor belt, do NOT line them up one at a time in a straight line that goes from where you’re standing to East Omaha (seriously–I was behind a man who did just that–one item at a time in a line that literally went for several feet).
  • If you cause a potato avalanche, pick them up–don’t just walk away as if you didn’t do it–we all saw you.
  • If you see me pick up an eggplant and put it in my cart, don’t say “Ewwww! I hate those!” I didn’t ask your opinion, you’re not going to eat it, and I don’t care.

This isn’t strictly an etiquette issue, but just an observation: if you feel you must walk around the supermarket with earbuds in, talking on your phone seemingly to NO ONE, you look crazy. Just sayin’.




3 thoughts on “How About Some Supermarket Etiquette?

  1. diane kirkup says:

    and, I might add “In the Parking Lot, unless you are totally
    crippled, PUT YOUR CART BACK” ….. Yikes – don’t you just hate
    puling into a parking space, when no others are available, with a
    cart in it….. one of my pet peeves!!! come on folks what does it take.

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    I couldn’t agree MORE! 🙂

  3. Phyllis Ring says:

    Absolutely fabulous – what delight this brought me! Lots of friends are enjoying it, too.

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