Good For You Doesn’t Mean Bad For Someone Else

One of my morning routines is saying positive affirmations. I say each one out loud at least 20 times. They can be anything from “all our cats get along well together” to “thank you for abundance in all good things.” There are others, and they can change from day to day.

I’ve mentioned before that so many things in our lives have “ripple effects.” Drop a stone in the middle of a pond, and immediately ripples will fan out from the site of the drop. Once the ripples reach a stopping point, they return back to the site, stronger than they went out. So, if we take that from simple physics to our daily lives, the actions we take cause a ripple effect. Send bad out and you’ll get bad back. Sent out good, and you’ll get good back.

Say for example that you found the perfect place to live and you love absolutely everything about it. Additionally, you have both the time and the money to move. However, someone else is interested in it and may buy it themselves. In your heart and mind, you have already moved in and are sitting on your deck, feet up on the railing, sipping an iced tea and gazing at all the beautiful trees and flowers. Good! That’s how you start to picture  your affirmation about owning the place.

Don’t be too specific; just say (out loud, at least 20 times per day) “Thank you that I live this beautiful [house, condo, townhouse, etc.] at [address].” That’s it. Don’t say “I hope,” “I think,” or “I wish;” just speak as if you already own it and have moved in.

That said, what about the people who may want to buy it? Is your positive affirmation about moving into the place of your dreams going to bring them bad luck or trouble? No–not at all. These people will end up where they need to be, just as you will. If it makes it easier for you, imagine this: what if the reason you end up in this wonderful home is because the people who were interested in it just won the lottery? In that case, they could move to or build any home they liked.

This is just another way of saying that just because you want something good for yourself doesn’t mean that you wish others anything negative. Be positive and proactive–before you go to sleep at night, see yourself in the place and imagine how happy you are to be there. Think about how you want to decorate, where your furniture would go, and so on. In the meantime, start going through your belongings where you are now and culling out things you want to get rid of, re-purpose, give to someone else or gift to Goodwill. These are positive actions toward a positive outcome.

So, what happens if, after all this positive thinking, affirmations, getting your stuff organized and ready to go; the other people end up with “your” place? This is still positive! This means that the home you wanted isn’t for you, and that all your preparations are actually for an even better place to live. Thoughts, affirmations and intentions are powerful and have real energy. All that you have done to this point, even if you lose out on the place you wanted; are all moving you to the right place.

Again, this is not about being greedy or selfish–it’s about making positive, proactive steps toward getting what you want. You are not hurting anyone by going in your own direction. If you are wondering at this point if I have “made things happen” for myself, yes–I have. Here is just one example (there are many more!):

I had a job in 2012 that paid a lot of money, the commute was less than 20 miles, and I was doing work I loved. (I am and have been a technical writer for over 25 years.) I was there for a few months, and then out of the blue, I was told that the company was cutting back. As I was the last hired, I was first on the chopping block. I was devastated, depressed and doubtful I would ever find such a good job again. So, I started a new affirmation without being too specific about it. It was “thank you for the best job for me.” That’s it.

Two weeks later, I had a new job. The money wasn’t nearly as good, the commute was 73 miles one-way, and the work was challenging. But I LOVED it. Over a year later, I am still working there. The long commute has turned into a pure pleasure; not only for the spectacular scenery, but for all the books on CDs I listen to on the way. I have become so familiar with the product line that it’s a lot easier to write the manuals, and the engineers with whom I work are generous with their time and are very helpful. I’ve made some friends there, and I am able to work from home a few days a week. This all meshes so well for me that it truly is the best job for me–just what I wanted.

Try it yourself. It costs you nothing and you just may get exactly what you want.

The concept for this comes from the “Positive Thinking” course I took with Noreen McDonald. Please check out her website at

One thought on “Good For You Doesn’t Mean Bad For Someone Else

  1. diane kirkup says:

    Well said Jane. Well written. Well lived! …

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