Not a Hill I Want to Die On…

In this era of “in-your-face” advertising, news, politics, social media and the general *zeitgeist, there are so many reasons to get upset and worried about–well, everything. The news and the papers warn us constantly of horrors such as how global warming is fast approaching the point of no return, which formerly high-flying-adored celeb is behaving badly these days, what political talking head was caught in a scandal, and on and on and on it goes. This keeps us in a continual stew of stomach-churning upset.

When you think quietly about it, it’s as though there is a planned 24/7 assault on our minds. It seems as if certain elements are trying to keep us  all so distracted that we forget why we are here and what we could be accomplishing. So many urgent issues vie for our attention, and all of them seem to be screaming for us to react, to fear, to worry, to doubt, to dread, and so on. Is that a way to live our precious lives?

I do wish to be informed about what is happening in the world around me. Certainly, I care about those things we all care about; I grieve for those who have lost loved ones, I ache for those who suffer, I care that there are so many people willing to give their time and often their very lives for a meaningful cause, and I am sorry to the heart that so many lack so much.

However, it comes down to this for each of us: ‘what can I do to make this [insert issue here] better?’ If there is a way to help, I do. If something is far beyond my scope of influence, then I can only do what one person can do. I am willing to help, but I am not willing to keep myself in a constant state of worry over events I can in no way control. This is not a statement about giving up, but one of recognizing my own reach.

Each of us has a choice each minute of each day: do I make myself sick over each and everything I hear and see, or do I make positive choices and do the best I can each day? It hurts me that so many animals in shelters need homes, care and love. I can’t adopt them all, but I can take good care of the three cats we have adopted. I can’t stop wars by myself, but I can make an effort each day not to be combative or angry at those around me. I can also turn off the TV or computer so as not to be caught up in which governor of whatever state or province is behaving like a bad toddler.

All those things I truly can’t control or waste time worrying about all go in my personal “Not a Hill I Want to Die On” bin. However, I do believe that happiness, lightness, joy, gratitude, love, honor, faith and positive thinking are not only healthy, but they’re catching, too.

*”Spirit of the age or time.”

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