Happy March!

When you’re home feeling glum

And the cold has made you numb,

Never fear! March is here!

Soon spring flowers will appear.

You’ve spend too much time upon your bum

Wishing for warm Spring to come–

Don’t be sad or bored or blue,

March means Spring will come to you!

The snow and sleet and hail and frost,

Have made us all a little cross–

Soon the days will be more sunny,

Soon will come the Easter Bunny!

Birds will come to pick through the snow,

To find the sleeping worms below.

Daffodils and violets will lift their sleepy heads

And raise themselves from their warm beds.

The wind will blow, the ice will melt,

The lakes and rivers will run with smelt.

You’ll trade your boots for sneakers then,

And wonder where your baseball cap has been.

Your outlook will become more sunny–

Even jokes will be more funny.

Spring will spring and kites will fly,

Along with bluebirds in the sky.

And lest I make too much of March,

Remember how the winter winds were harsh–

Better to welcome the intro to Spring

And feel much better about everything!












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